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Data Quality Assessment for Vital Voices Lead Program in Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria
Vital Voices
2014 - 2015

On behalf of Vital Voices, Iris Group staff and in-country consultants designed and conducted a Data Quality Assessment of the DfID-funded VVLead Fellows Program in Nigeria, Uganda, and Kenya. Iris Group designed a DQA tool specifically to assess the quality of recordkeeping and data collection by the women leaders who participate as Fellows in the program. The team visited Fellow’s at their offices or homes to review their records and talk with a sample of their colleagues and community representatives to determine how well they were documenting the impact of their activities on primary, secondary, and tertiary beneficiaries. The evaluators reviewed the DQA findings with each Fellow in-situ, identifying areas for improvement, answering their questions about VVLead’s indicators and M&E system, and training them on how to improve the quality of the data they are collecting and reporting to Vital Voices. A synthesis report identifies lessons learned across the three countries and makes recommendations for the full VVLead program.

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