Mary Mulhern Kincaid


Mary M. Kincaid, DrPH, MS, is President of Iris Group and a health policy and gender specialist, with additional experience in health and labor economics. She provides strategy and program design, capacity building and research services on gender integration across multiple sectors as well as sector-specific services in health.  Her recent work has included strategy development and critical analyses of the evidence on gender equality and women’s empowerment, including the Review of the Evidence on Women, Girls and Gender Equality) that informed the launch of Gates Foundation's Women and Girls Initiative, as well as country-level HIV/AIDS gender analyses for PEPFAR.


Before joining IrisGroup...

Prior to founding Iris Group in 2011, Dr. Kincaid served as a senior policy advisor on large USAID projects in health policy and in gender integration for over twenty years. In that capacity, she honed her policy and strategy skills working with government officials, NGO leaders, and donors throughout Latin America and Africa to design and implement country and regional programs addressing women’s health, HIV/AIDS, and gender equality in various sectors, including gender-based violence, trade and investment and women’s labor force participation.

Mary earned a Doctorate in Public Health and a Master’s degree in Economics, both from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Davidson College. She is a native English speaker and fluent in Spanish.