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Anne K Eckman

Anne Eckman, PhD, MA, has 20-plus years of technical leadership, which centers on program design, qualitative research and gender analysis, capacity-building, and participatory learning approaches in the areas of HIV/SRHR, gender-based violence (GBV), and more recently mental health and trauma.  Anne is known for her versatility in advancing innovative, gender transformative approaches across a wide range of settings internationally and in the U.S. – and she particularly prizes her experience supporting work led by and for marginalized communities and key populations.

In her role as a Senior Fellow at Iris Group, Anne provides technical leadership to teams undertaking gender assessments and related strategy design, capacity-development and program approaches to advance gender equality and social inclusion. Anne also brings her passion for working at the interface of theory and practice, translating emerging innovative evidence and approaches of “what works” into practical, on-the-ground approaches – and vice versa.  Anne does this both through technical accompaniment to project teams and partners, as well as contributions to technical fora and publications.


Before Joining Iris Group...

Anne provided technical leadership as a consultant and technical advisor for a range of US and international organizations. This experience included serving as the HIV Advocacy and Gender Working Group Directors with the USAID-funded Health Policy Initiative at Futures Group International from 2002-2008, where she led technical innovation in gender-transformative approaches and rights-based advocacy by and for key populations across its 35-country reach.  Since 2002, Anne has also served as a core curriculum developer, trainer and provider of technical assistance for the USAID and PEPFAR Gender Working Groups.  In this role, Anne has advanced the development of key frameworks, training materials, gender analyses and related program integration strategies that advance gender equality and social inclusion with USAID global technical staff, missions and implementing partners.

Anne earned a PhD in Cultural Studies, with a minor in Women’s Studies, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. More recently, Anne earned a masters degree in clinical social work from The University of Chicago in order to better address the trauma-related dimensions of GBV, stigma and discrimination as additional, key determinants of health and well-being.