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Amy Lucas, BS

Director of Finance

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Amy Lucas oversees the day-to day operations for Iris Group and handles all the financial aspects of the firm. She maintains our accounting system and works closely with the executive team on a variety of tasks including budgets, accruals, and cash flow projections. She also manages our contract portfolio with our clients and serves as the liaison for all of our subcontractor and consultants on contractual and financial requests.

A global financial operations specialist, Amy has cultivated a 25+ year accounting career developing specific expertise in audits, budgets, compliance, financial operations, contractor/consultant management, and data reporting. Amy has managed more than $400 million in university research funding with operations in 30+ countries. She has also developed a keen understanding of federal rules and regulations, more precisely with USAID-funded projects, while working on several prime awards with UNC-Chapel Hill’s Carolina Population Center. Her background is primarily in financial and operational management and includes a variety of industry trades such as Public Accounting Firms, Construction Management, the Hospitality Industry, and Higher Education Institutes. She has a passion for helping new and established companies develop accounting systems and processes that ensure efficiency and accuracy in day-to-day business operations and to help them have a clear picture of their current financial position.


Amy earned her bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of North Carolina in Greensboro and has owned her own accounting firm offering financial and managerial accounting solutions to individuals as well as small- to mid-size businesses.

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