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Coaching and Technical Support for Sector-Level Gender Analyses at USAID/Guatemala
2012 - 2013

Iris Group provided technical assistance on gender integration to USAID/Guatemala’s five technical offices as they developed their Project Appraisal Documents (PADs): Environment, Citizen Security, Education, Health and Nutrition, and Agriculture and Economic Growth. Working hand-in-hand with the Mission’s Gender Advisor and with the participation of the USAID Office of Gender and Development (GenDev), Iris Group staff served as external “gender coaches,” to design and pilot test a new approach to gender analysis for USAID missions. The pilot was intended to help Missions respond to the 2012 Gender Policy mandate that a sector-level gender analysis be conducted and then integrated into each PAD. The participatory exercise built the skills of Mission technical staff by coaching them to carry out gender analysis with minimal support from the Mission’s Gender Advisor and external gender consultants. For this pilot exercise, Iris Group and GenDev created a new tool called the Gender Analysis and Integration Matrix (GAIM). The GAIM is used to guide Mission staff through the identification of relevant gender analysis questions, document their answers, and discern whether there indeed exist gender gaps and if they are relevant to project design. Finally, the matrix shows how the relevant gender gaps will be addressed and integrated into project design documents. The GAIM allows for a more streamlined and user-friendly approach to gender analysis. In addition to the technical assistance, Iris Group and GenDev also conducted a one-and-a-half day gender training workshop for 42 representatives of USAID/Guatemala’s implementing partners across the five sectors.

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