Mary Beth Hastings



Mary Beth Hastings, MA, is Senior Associate at Iris Group and an expert analyst of global health programs and their impact on women and girls. She has more than 25 years of academic and professional experience in gender mainstreaming, international sexual and reproductive health, and human rights issues.  As project liaison for SHOPS Plus, she conducts gender analyses and assesses programmatic opportunities to improve family planning, HIV and child health outcomes through attention to gender. Other recent work includes applying a gender lens to supportive supervision in the family planning and HIV health workforce to improve health provider recruitment, performance and retention. She has developed a conceptual framework and technical brief on gender-transformative supportive supervision that encapsulates this work. 


Before joining Iris Group...

As vice president at the Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE), she designed, implemented, and evaluated programs for the U.S.-based sexual and reproductive health and rights advocacy organization. Her thought leadership led to rapid advancement of programmatic systems and more accurate and participatory budgeting processes. Building on field research from three countries, she developed a rights-based framework for delivery of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services that guides the organization’s advocacy strategy. She also worked closely with advocacy and service delivery organizations in Latin America and Africa to pinpoint and pursue effective advocacy strategies. In Guatemala, she directed a networking effort that brought more than 200 young people from 30 organizations for an unprecedented summit on youth sexual and reproductive health and rights. In prior roles at Partners of the Americas and the League of Women Voters, Mary Beth worked with funding from USAID, State Department, and other donors to launch and direct initiatives on health, governance, citizen participation, women’s political and legal rights, and leadership.

Mary Beth holds a Masters degree in International Affairs from Columbia University as well as a BA in International Affairs from GWU. She is fluent in Spanish and proficient in Portuguese.