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The Jordan Communication, Advocacy and Policy (JCAP) Project is a five-year (2014-2019) Cooperative Agreement between USAID and Abt Associates, which aims to increase the use of family planning and reproductive health services in Jordan. In accordance with this agreement, JCAP must integrate and mainstream gender equality and female empowerment in all project components and interventions. As their gender sub-contractor, Iris Group works with JCAP to support these gender targets. During the first year of the project, Iris Group conducted a country gender assessment, as well as a gender analysis and integration training for all JCAP staff. The findings from the assessment informed the development of JCAP’s implementation and evaluation plan, and the staff trainings included guidance and tools to ensure that gender would be integrated in all JCAP project activities and promotional materials. After these initial steps, Iris Group has continued to provide gender technical support to the JCAP team. Two prominent activities include: the analysis and dissemination of qualitative data collected on gender-related barriers to family planning and reproductive health; and the introduction of an innovative tool, Group Model Building, that is designed to emphasize education and capacity building to engage and mobilize communities for change. Using the GMB technique, Iris Group led four different workshops among project stakeholders, as well as married and unmarried women and men from the community. During these workshops, groups came together to define the gender-related barriers to family planning use, to identify feedback mechanisms causing the barriers, and to address and model ways to solve the problem. The results from these sessions have been used to describe and disentangle the pathways between gender and family planning outcomes in Jordan and are being disseminated to help in family planning education and advocacy efforts. Furthermore, Iris Group will share the modeling techniques through special training sessions with JCAP partners and grantees so that they can be used well after the Project has ended.