“We appreciate the excellent work and strong support of your Iris team on this project.”

Dr. David Losk, PEPFAR Coordinator, Dominican Republic, commenting on Iris Group’s work on the PEPFAR Gender Analysis in the Dominican Republic.

"Special thanks to Hannah, the incredible mentor who bore with me during these intensive two weeks."

Madagascar Gender Coordinator, Intrahealth, commenting on Iris Group's gender coaching services, 2013

"Please know that your insight, input, and ideas [on the workshop design] have been so incredibly helpful and valuable to our team. Thank you!"

Measure Evaluation Capacity Building Specialist, commenting on Iris Group's technical assistance services, 2013

"After having the opportunity to consult with the team before the [gender and HIV] assessment, I am very impressed; I think this demonstrates an excellent assessment, and these highlights provide a really helpful overview to understanding gender dynamics in the region from a practical perspective. I really like the framework that was taken in the assessment and strategic positions (i.e., considering access, capacity, data). I flagged that the team noted it was also a challenge to cover each key population, including PLHIV, analyzing separately for men and women, and this makes sense; however, from a programmatic perspective, this analysis gives me a more complete picture, while many studies I read do not. Good job!"

Co-chair of PEPFAR Most At Risk Populations Technical Working Group, providing feedback on AIDSTAR Two Central Asian Republic gender assessment team, which included an Iris Group gender expert, 2013

"It was a pleasure for me and everyone else involved to have the opportunity to work with you and get to know you. We appreciate all the hard work you put into this training. It was right on target and I am confident that your work will have a very significant long-term impact on our Mission’s work."

USAID staff member, West Bank/Gaza

"Just wanted to thank you for a great work week in Honduras! The training was a great success and I now have clearer idea on how to proceed from where we are as a Mission."

USAID staff member, Honduras

"Yes, you and Anne definitely met our expectations. Thanks so much for your help and facilitation of this workshop."

PEPFAR Gender Technical Working Group member

“It was invigorating to hear and see Taly present. I can still hear her dynamic voice providing very helpful tips, especially on conflict resolution for our network."

Measure Evaluation staff member, Chapel Hill